Commission Status: Closed (Queue)

Base Sprites [Closed] || Animations [Closed]

Terms of Service

Payment is done upfront through Paypal (USD $).
details of the commission will be discussed in DMs before payment and an invoice will be sent once an agreement is met!

One WIP will be given for base sprites and Two~Three WIPs will be given for animations
No refunds once the first~second WIP is sent!

Can draw:
  • Humanoid/anthro
  • feral
  • Generally most species, with some potential exceptions
  • Can not draw:
  • Harmful content (abuse, extreme gore, etc..)
  • General "extreme" content (fetish content)
  • Heavily mechanical/robotic (difficult for me to draw machines well)

  • *Additional notes:
    Commissions are NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
    Additional characters for animations will add 75% of the price for a scene
    (this only applies to large and complex animations, small simple animations will add 100% instead)

    Please ensure that the requested character(s) are owned by the comissioner or are allowed to be drawn.
    Commissioned artwork is not allowed to be used anywhere NFT related and/or in AI datasets.

    Please DM for any questions and discussions on commissions!